Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in my Bag?

Diaper Bag that is.

Since I'm an almost always stay at home mom, I don't go anywhere without Sonja Cake, and she doesn't go anywhere without me, there was no need for me to have a separate purse and diaper bag. My Aunt Jenny brought over a bunch of stuff from Target last week and this uber cute bag was part of it.

From above:
bottle holder turned receiving blanket holder, since we're bottle free!

keeping prepared with pens, markers, high lighters and sharpies:

The back view:

Here's what's inside:
top row from left to right:
whipes, gdiaper, baby hat, damask burp cloth, hand sanitizer, Roxy Sunglasses, matt&nat vegan wallet, tylenol, neosporin to go (I always injure myself), matching changing pad, sigg waterbottle (a gift from my Seattle guys),
bottom row from left to right:
nail file, flash light, benchmade knife, extra camera battery, keys, pen, sharpie, marker, highlighter, usb drive, note pad, another note pad with budget info, 2 chapsticks, a pencil sharpener, damask bib, cell phone (blackberry storm, I wish it would get struck by lightning -anyone wanna get me a new phone?!), Mom Agenda, and finally the owl zipping bag is for dirty diapers on the go.

above: a detail of the diaper stuff.

above: a detail of the organized mom stuff.

I love my mom agenda. I also always have my cell phone, even though it freezes I can email, text and keep everything organized with it.

So there it is, all my necessities except my camera, which I'm using to take the photos... and maybe an item or two :)

what's in your bag?

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