Monday, November 1, 2010

Momma Monday no. 12

It's strange for me to be writing this in the evening on a Monday. I usually write my MMs on the weekend as it passes. So, I don't forget anything...

This weekend was wonderful. My favorite Hallow-day, besides my birthday. I mean who doesn't love everyone buying them things and baking them food and wishing them nothing but kindness?! But, yeah, besides my birthday (which is this month!) Halloween has my vote. Nothing really stands out from this week as being too amazing. Sonja has started giggling though! Not at anything I do or say, I'm not that funny. But when she's on her changing table- she likes to look at the black stripe on the wall and it makes her laugh. Cutest thing ever.

I don't have a whole lot of Mommy-ness to report on this week, just getting a routine established and getting used to doing things one handed (like typing a blog and what not).

Oh, I did have to breastfeed in public last night! That was interesting, sitting on a bench in Mesa (at the Nile) with my face painted, feeding a baby. It was a good experience though, Husband shielded me with a blanket while my nipple was out (wouldn't want to offend anyone with nipplephobia). Once she was latched, I moved it; so I could see her face. That's what I hate about breastfeeding shields- and why I'll never use one. I have to see her and my boob to make sure she's on correctly, if she's having a hard time getting it in her mouth and such. Plus, I don't like eating in the dark, why should I make her? I know breastfeeding freaks some people out, but that's what boobs are for. They're not sex objects as some people have been convinced by the media. They are sexual, though, they are related to reproduction, i.e. sex. I guess, I never understood the problem with breastfeeding in public. I know my mom tries to shield me when I'm at home and there are other people in the room, but I'm just worried about my daughter being hungry and getting her the best food possible, as quick as possible. Luckily, no one gave me any weird looks and they guys that were around didn't really care. They looked away, or not and Sonja ate her 3rd dinner. I'm waiting for the first ugly look; since, I've heard some rude stories... but I know my daughter is going to be happy and healthy when I feed her, when she's hungry. And, anyone who has an issue with me and my nipples out can just not look at them. How easy of a solution is that?!

Anyway, I've been blessed with a good week; a little more house work than I'd like, but nothing I can complain about. The pros outweigh the cons in this stay at home mommy-ing.

Happy Momma Monday Evening.

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