Monday, December 6, 2010

Momma Monday no. 17

This past week:

A Detail of the Booties Sonja Cake's Nonnie got her from this week.

Also, I had a prior employer (my boss' main assistant) tell me she it was too bad that I wasn't able to come back to work, when I explained it was because Sonja doesn't like bottles. She prefers the real thing, the woman said, "oh, well don't spoil her too much now." with a smile. I gave a polite grin back not wanting to cause a scene in the grocery store we ran into her at, but. WHAT THE FUCK? Don't spoil her? by what? feeding her? with what nature intended me to feed her with? Don't let her get too attached to her MOTHER?! don't save her from the uncleanliness of mass produced bottles that are also a huge pain to clean?? ugh. ignorance.

Then, I got home from teaching on Tuesday and Husband had gone on an errand with Sonja. I came home to an empty house. It was lonely and I was sad, it's been 9 weeks since I've been alone, even for a minute. Plus my boobs hurt (she was 15 minutes late for her feeding and my body knew it) that tingling sensation can be rather annoying and painful.

On the developmental front, Sonja grabbed for her jingle bells on Saturday, her gandpa tried to jingle them in front of her and she reached for them. He then placed it in her hand and she grabbed it. So amazing!

We also had my Husband's birthday party, that will be in a separate post. She did really well at the party even though most people stayed past 10pm and she didn't get to bed until about midnight. She was held by everyone or at least everyone who could steal her away from her grandparents.

Sunday we went to Zoo Lights and although I'm not into those kind of events that much my family was visiting and the nephews had a blast. Sonja, of course, mostly slept through the whole experience. But while she was awake she was fascinated by all the bright lights on display. I'm glad we went, it was good to spend time with the family, and I do like looking at the bright lights- just not in theory. ya know? the whole waste of energy and plastic to make them and light them- it all gets to me when I think about it too much, and the fact that it's at the zoo. Another thing I hate in theory. Yes, it's fun to look at the animals but also sooo sad they're in cages and not free. Overall, though it was good, as long as I don't think about it so much :) My mom took photos with my nephew and Santa. I didn't have to tell her, she pretty much just knew not to ask. We're not doing "Santa." It doesn't feel right to lie to SLC about some guy coming into our home and bringing her gifts. It's kind of creepy, some old man bringing you gifts. no thanks. Those are the creeps I want her to stay away from.

Plus, I actually like other holidays, like Hanukkah more than Christmas, even though I was raised Catholic.

Speaking of which here's my ode to Hanukkah (nothing to do with being a mom though);
I know it's not a menorah I just like candles and I have my holiday display set up here.

Husband making me some potato pancakes!

Matzo ball soup! YUMM!

Potato Pancakes with apples sauce.
Best Holiday food ever. It's how I know it's really December.

Happy Mamma Monday, hope you're having a great one!

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