Monday, December 27, 2010

Momma Monday no. 20

Monday I had the day off- nice to be able to hang out with Sonja for a few extra hours.

Tuesday we had school but it was an easy day and I like my students. They are all so talented. Sonja enjoyed some time with her Aunt Brittany while I was teaching, normally she'd be with her "Aunt" Gretchen but this week my Brother-In-Law took her to New York to surprise her with... you guessed it, a proposal in Central Park. How Romantic! or Cold I'm not sure which one... anyway, now she's really going to be Aunt Gretchen! And, in just over a year from now lil' Cupcake will be a lil' Flowergirl.

Wednesday, I locked myself out of the house, with Sonja inside... had to resort to using a kettle bell to smash the door knob off our back door. It was a little frustrating to break a $20 lock because of my carelessness but I was distracted and of course SLC's safety comes first, and waiting for someone to bring me keys was simply not an option.

Thursday I got some serious artwork done! I completed 2 more watercolor paintings as choices for my giveaway (click here to see original post on how to enter!). I'm working on a new series inspired by the toxic diet most people follow and my cravings for sweets both pre and post natal. The series is called Death by Decadence. Sonja was a little needy today, not that, that is a bad thing, I just mean she was fussy and needed to be held, so I ended up working on the paintings, and this blog while both nursing and holding her.

Friday was Christmas Eve(and Sonja's 3 month birthday) and as tradition in our family we went to Husband's Nonnie's House and had a big sea food feast. I did some much needed house work and one last Christmas gift item before dressing Sonja up in her Christmas outfit.

Sonja's First Christmas was really great. She got a few items which I'll be posting about later. She was held by everyone and only got fussy when she was really tired. Luckily, I was able to get her to sleep without her rocking chair. I was also able to bake a vegetable medley and cookies which I'll be posting later on because my mom, Luke and Jess and his mom came over and between the 5 of us someone was able to hold Sonja so we could make food for the day after Christmas. My sister also came over and made cinnamon rolls from her unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook- we love H.P. I love the holidays mostly because I love food. Although, it didn't quite feel like Christmas on Christmas this year because my parents wouldn't let us open any gifts until the 26th when my older sister and her family were coming over...

Sunday was the day my extended family got together to celebrate. We went to my parents around noon and hung out with my sister and Sonja's cousins. Finally, at about 1:45 we were able to open our presents and Sonja slept through it all on her daddy's chest, best part of the day by far. My mom is a shopoholic and bought Sonja more clothes than she needed to and stocking stuffers too. I ended up holding SLC more than I was planning to, good thing I brought my wrap. My back has been killing me lately, the pain is awful, almost like my early/mid labor back pains. I hate it, but I love holding Sonja- thankfully the wrap does position her in a good way and distributes her weight more evenly than just holding her. I'm thankful to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends and family in our lives.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast with family and friends. I just found your blog and it's a nice read. Hope to read more of your post and may you have a great new year! :)