Tuesday, January 25, 2011

D.I.Y. Starting a Garden

Head to the home improvement store and pick up some 2x6 beams, have them cut in half, grab 4 or more bags of gardening soil and load up the car (or truck)... Then, have husband unload it (or have him hold the baby and unload it yourself).
 Take everything out back (or front if you're into that) and set up a square box from the beams.  Set up frame and nail beams together.  Screw beams into square shape to keep soil contained.  Loosen up the top soil and mix in some compost or gardening soil.  Pour gardening soil on top of the loosened soil and plant seeds accordingly.  Label said seeds with a popcicle stick for each type of plant.  Keep watered and wait.
Keep the baby safe by letting her bounce in her chair,
 while you nail the frame together.

Eventually, if you followed seed directions you should end up with some plants and food!

like I did, with my zucchini plant!
I grew a zucchini! I walked by my frost bitten plant and thought someone dropped a zucchini on it… until I realized it was my zucchini plant. Then I did a little dance!

Ignore the purple tint. That’s my new photo app. 

Happy Gardening and Good Luck!

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