Monday, January 31, 2011

Momma Monday no. 25

Dear Sonja,

You are a sweet wonderfully happy baby.  You are nursing on me as I type this.  You love milk.  You eat even when you're sleeping.  You are the happiest after a meal.
You are happy when you wake up.
You are happy when you go potty on the toilet.
You are happy when you see your dogs.
You are happy when you are held and being walked around.

You are not happy when you are hungry, tired or bored.
When you are hungry and tried you do NOT like Daddy to try and entertain you.
You do not like bottles.  You drink a little and then get angry.  You prefer the real to the fake.  

You were 4 months old last week and I can't believe how fast you're becoming your own little person.  You think things are funny.   You think things are Scary.  You think things are frustrating and you get mad.  You have a temper and right now I love it, but I'm sure it's going to get old quick.  You are Smart!  You are figuring things out.  You hold things very well, and you enjoy playing with stuffed toys.  You also enjoy jingle rattles and you enjoy chewing on wooden blocks.

Your accomplishments this week were:
Sleeping from 10pm-9:30am with ONE dry diaper only waking up once at 5am to potty, you are getting really good at Potty Training!
Taking off your own socks, you love your new found feet and you'll do anything to get to them!
Mastering your scream, it's actually a quite endearing and more of an extremely high pitched squeal; and not always because you're angry.

I love you,

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