Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shower Time!

So, I know this might sound strange but, we don't do "bath" time.  We do "SHOWER" time!  And Sonja loves it.  When our childbirth educator mentioned it to us, I thought, "Oh, gosh.  No.  That sounds dangerous.  I'd drop her for sure!" but, No.  I didn't and neither has husband.

I don't like baths for 2 reasons.
1. I feel like she's more likely to drown.  (for some reason the drowning fear is stronger than the dropping fear)
2. She pooped in the tub twice (while I was in it with her).

Drying off, after her shower, last night.

So, we shower.  I get in, take my shower while husband preps baby.  I finish cleaning myself then Cupcake gets passed in.  Husband undresses and joins us.  I hold Little Miss and he washes her.  We rinse her, then I pass her off and get out.  I get dried and dressed (quickly) and take her.  He finishes showering while I dry her off and get her ready.  SHE LOVES SHOWERS.  There is a super sweet sense of calmness about her while she's in the shower.  And surprisingly, a wet baby is not a slippery baby.  She is getting a little heavy to hold this way though and we might have to transition to sink washing soon, but for now we love shower time.

Happy Saturday!

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