Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Decorate a Baby's Onesie...

 Did you all know I have my own clothing company?  I do.  But, since Cupcake has been around I haven't really been designing anything new.  I usually silk screen but since I've been crafting more, I thought I'd try a sewing project.

What you'll need:
Organic Onesie
Pre-Washed Fabric (any will do, but if you can find some discarded or vintage fabric even better!)
Sharpie or fabric chalk
Fabric glue or pins
Sewing machine (unless you're a hard ass and love sewing by hand- in that case needle and thread)

Step 1: Outline the basic shape you want on the back of the fabric you're using.
Step 2: Cut out that shape
Step 3: Repeat the shape drawing if you have several pieces in mind.  Below, I laid the bark shape on the fabric so I would know how big I wanted the leaves to be.
 Step: 4 Cut out the rest of the shapes desired

More ideas:  
A cupcake design, with the scrap brown material I had.
 Step 5: Use as little fabric glue as possible to attach the shapes to the onesie, allow time to dry.

Step 6: Once the glue is dry, use the sewing machine to outline the shapes as desired.


Finished Project:
Happy Crafting!  Or shopping (click here)

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