Monday, April 18, 2011

Momma Monday no. 35

Here is Momma week in review:
Monday I was able to sweep and mop because my sister Brittany watched Sonja.  Which was so awesome of her! I don't know what we're going to do this summer when I'm not working and we won't have family living with us.  It's going to be a lot of me and Sonja alone time- I have a feeling I'm not going to get much done.  It's hard to do stuff while wearing a baby and I've been spoiled with having family here.  Anyway, after some much needed housework we headed to the grocery store where we tried a new moby wrap tie called the cradle hold.  She liked it for a little bit but then wanted to reach for stuff at the store so we reverted back to lotus carry. Once we got home from grocery shopping we had some naked time out back- something we hadn't done in a few weeks.

Tuesday we tried the sling hold on the moby and I was able to gesso (prep.) a giant canvas to start painting.  

That day Cupcake wore her Love Love Love outfit  and we did a mini photoshoot outback once daddy got home.
Daddy is always trying to get Little Miss to ride around on her Brutus dog.

Wednesday my sister and I went to Lux (because it's delicious), the farmers market, Trader Joe's and Godiva. Did you know you can get a free sample by signing up here and giving them your email?  You get a free one every month and it's FREE.  I don't know anyone who would turn down free chocolate!  We also stopped by Victoria's Secret because I had a free panty coupon!  Yay for free stuff.  When we got home I let Cupcake explore the pineapple we bought at the farmers market.  

She was very interested in the texture.

Thursday I introduced a new toy.  I bought this at a yard sale while I was pregnant and now our little cupcake is old enough to be interested in it. Oh, and did I mention she's full on crawling now?  It must have happened this week, where instead of reaching and scooting she can crawl clear across the room.  A little over 6 months old- just the right time to master it :)
*I almost forgot to add that on Thursday I was painting on my canvas and Cupcake was in her bumbo.  I'm not sure if she's too strong for it now that she can sit up on her own, or if she's just crazy mobile baby but she popped herself out of it while I was painting and smacked her head on the cement.  I freaked out and grabbed her (getting paint on her cute outfit) and ran inside to grab some frozen corn, she was crying and it swelled a little but after a few minutes she was more interested in the corn than the pain.  All the while I was googling head trauma on my phone, she didn't throw up and it didn't swell more than normal.  I read that if it's the forehead and even if it does swell it's usually not a big deal.  Anyway, it was super scary and I've retired the bumbo.
Here's the "sky" done.  
Might put off working on this for a few days since I feel awful about her hitting her head.

Friday we had Sonja Sweetness' 6 month check up.  She was seen by her doctor last week for a cold and so we did a 6 month and ear re-check up at once.  She was 2 and 1/2 feet tall (or 26 inches) which is the 75% if you're into tracking that kind of stuff.  She weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces also in the 50% percentile. And she was in the 75% for her head.  She basically stayed on all her same curves.  But keep in mind when following those charts they are designed for a formula fed baby, so we don't put too much stock into them.  After the doctor's appointment we (my sister, Sonja and I) met our mom (grandma) for lunch.  Such a nice treat to meet up with her during the week.
Waiting for her doctor.  I LOVE Dr. Alexandria AND her cork floors!

Also, Husband showed up from work on Friday with this bad boy!  His dad kept offering to get us a high chair which I did NOT want.  For various reasons, I think it's best for baby to sit on your lap or same hight during meal time, anyway our friends Justin and Natalie had one of these for their little boy Nacho and I thought it was uber cool.  So, I finally gave in to his offer and told him, if he was going to buy a new one this is what I wanted.  (find it here)

She LOVES it, and enjoys sitting at the table with us. 
 Even though she doesn't actually ever put food into her mouth.

Saturday was the farmer's market routine and husband riped out our gross shower door, expect a D.I.Y. post on that soon.  In the evening, my parents brought over some grapefruit and played outside with Cucpake.

Sunday, I caught up on some blogging and photo downloading.  Overall, I'd say we had a very successful weekend and am looking forward to the next two weeks off of school.  Plenty of time to enjoy my daughter, even if I don't anticipate getting too much done around the house.

Happy Momma Monday!
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