Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vocabulary Term: Upcycling!

Here's a new vocab term for you; upcycling.  It's like recycling except you don't throw your unwanted item into a bin and let some company break it down, you take that item and YOU turn it into something "new" and functional.

Here are some links to various project ideas, of course I'll be trying some of these out and inventing some of my own, but where better to bookmark websites I want to utilize than my own blog? now you and I both have them in one convenient place :)

80 ideas for your dorm

50 blogs for upcycling inspiration

100 upcycling ideas for anyone

those three are somewhat repetitious but I think they each have something to offer.

Now for the crafty jeweler : Junk to Jewelry

or Recycled Crafts! some of these are just okay and some are amazing!

here's one I found: Crafted!

Have fun finding project inspiration!

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