Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Artist of the Week No. 4

Ian Tweedy.

I met Ian through one of my closest friends.  Ian is his twin brother.  Tweedy is a well known graffiti art and now museum and gallery artist.  I thought I'd share some images of his work and a little about him.  He was born in 1982 in Germany, and spent a majority of his life in Europe.  He went to art school in Italy and ventured out as a graffiti artist.  My favorite pieces of his are the books he buys, steals or finds that he reconstructs or deconstructs with his own images and influences.  He is, literally, rewriting history when he modifies these books and I think that concept is an amazing one.  He is currently living and working in New York, if you're in the area, do some research and see some of his work, you won't be disappointed.

Ian Tweedy, *1982
5 Steps (Possibilities for a Monument), 2007
Courtesy Artist and Studio Dabbeni, Lugano

from a show in 2006. source.

This is a great interview with Tweedy.

More work here, here and here.

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