Thursday, August 11, 2011

D.I.Y. Cloth Wipes

As you may know, we use cloth diapers in this house.

And, as equally important. cloth wipes.

I bought several types, organic, generic, used, new and more... but D.I.Y.? nope.

Not until I came across some used shirts at my recent clothing swap.

1. Get used non-printed cotton shirts.

2. Cut off top half sleeves and neck.

This is trash, it's also compostable {if 100% cotton}

3. Cut off bottom hem.

4. Fold sides together.

5. Cut the sides of the shirt off, both at once.

6.  Go back to the middle, where it was folded and cut that too.

You should have 4 rectangle sheets, this is a good stopping point if you plant to use these for household maintenance, weekly dusting, bathroom or window cleaning.... 

But I cut them in half again so they're about the size of normal diaper wipes.

A set of 16 wipes all from 1 old dirty tee!

Happy D.I.Y. Cloth Making!

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  1. Awesome! We tried cloth wipes, but the hubs and I just could not handle the ick factor (even though we cloth dipe). Now we just used old, worn clothes for cleaning rags...and have way, way too many!