Monday, August 22, 2011

Momma Monday No. 52

This week feels like normal, last week was so frustrating that it was a welcome return of the mundane and we got to go on a little vacation too, so that helps!

Monday, we headed into the office to pay some bills and manage the office, told you; the moby makes it possible!

Tuesday, we stopped by Midwives Rising to pick up some Thrush medication my AMAZING friend Diane gave to me.  Then, we met my Aunt Jenny at The Business Costco to get a few items for my mom's birthday, I'll be posting about that soon!  Giant bowls and table clothes!

Wednesday was a crazy day of errands and packing, because on Thursday we headed to SAN DIEGO!

My Aunt's Wedding was this weekend and it all started Thursday night with a Rehearsal Dinner!  The rest of this post is image heavy with pictures of this weekend's events.

When we arrived at the hotel,
we were greeted with these wonderful welcome bags filled with bottled water and snacks! yum.

The Rehearsal Dinner was at a lovely home, with amazing Mexican food as the feast.
an excuse to wear my butter by nadia dress and high heels!

My parents.

Across the street from our hotel, was the bay:

The Wedding:

I loved all the details of this old church, 
the church where the Groom's parents and sister {and now him} were married at.

Cupcake kept busy during the ceremony by playing on the stairs.

The Reception, at the San Diego Yacht Club: 

The first to dance as usual.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

He didn't know I was taking this...`

My sister and I

My uncle, photo bombing.

Passion Fruit cake!

The rest of our vacation: 
Lounging around

Breakfast at Hash House

Watching giant ships from our patio.

Staring at Glowing Downtown San Diego at night.

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