Friday, August 5, 2011

Post Clothes Swap Update

This is what I brought to swap:

clockwise top left; short sleeves not long enough to cover my tattoos for work, long enough sleeves but too low cut, too small, too low cut.

bored, too small, bored, too small.

too small {which is so sad because I LOVED that dress, but my boobs don't fit anymore, too small,
too fancy, too trashy as a dress.

Too big, too big, too boring, too much ironing involved.

I also brought some jeans and jewelry and a few pairs of shoes...

This is what I brought home:
Cute sweater dress to wear over leggings, it never gets too cold here so this is a perfect winter outfit.

They way I'm standing on the right doesn't help this dresses' flattery, it's perfect length for school and is uber professional.  Love it!

Purple dress with POCKETS! yes.  perfect neckline for school, just need to cover my knees and look at this lovely grey dress top, another perfect one to wear with leggings {I actually already own this in purple, my sister bought the grey and now she's traded it to me!}

Remember the strict guidelines for my school clothes?
cover, neck line, elbows, knees, skirts only and clothes toed shoes.
The one on the left is perfect and for the right I just need to add a longer skirt underneath!

Love this cover up, like I said, winter here is more like a long fall so this makes me feel like I'm dressing for the cold weather I crave once in a while, while keeping me comfortable.

The shirts!
Button ups are perfect for breastfeeding, easy access but they're also good for work {which I sort of do}
The bottom three are just a few nice "new" additions to my day to day selections.

What do you think?
Are you inspired to host a clothing swap?!  I hope so!

Happy Upcycling and Clothes Swapping!!


  1. yay you picked up four of my trades!

  2. I love my dress and sweater on you! They were favorites and it was hard to part with them, but I am glad they went to someone I know will enjoy them!

  3. That purple dress is to die for!! Adorable!

  4. I want to attend the next one!

  5. I LOVE the purple dress! Next clothing swap, I'm in.