Tuesday, September 13, 2011

D.I.Y. Cupcake Invitations

Okay, I was waiting until closer to Sonja's birthday to share these, I made them {with the help of my sister} a few weeks ago and I still have two to mail out, one to my mother in law and one to a midwife friend.  
But I assume everyone else has gotten theirs so I'm not ruining any surprises by sharing them here.

Metal ruler or sturdy yard stick
Cardboard box(es)
Colorful Cardstock
White Cardstock
Adobe Illustrator or other editing program for text
Elmer's Glue
Scrap Fabric
Glue Stick
SHARP Scissors
Upcycled/discarded/vintage buttons
Hot Glue gun

First cut out a bunch of parallelograms...
Create 2 straight lines {above} then alternating angled lines inside of those {below} 
Cut out these cupcake bottom type shapes.
Once you have the shapes, pull off one side of the cardboard, leaving a grooved pattern. 

Should come of easy, we found one side usually had a lot of glue and one side didn't.
Grab both corners and pull apart, the ribbing will choose which side to stick to.
Sort of like an Oreo cookie. 
After you have all your cut outs, set aside.

BEFORE GLUEING you'll need to prep. your colorful paper so you have something to glue these cardboard pieces to.  I just cut my 8.5x11 paper into fourths.  You can measure or not, just have whatever you're glueing the cupcake base to ready before you start glueing!

Lay them out face down for the glueing process, then using the elmer's glue edge the backside of the cardboard cut outs.

Glue them onto the colorful paper

I took several breaks and then did the fabric part.
For the Fabric cut out a cupcake frosting shape {you'll see my shape below} 
you could use any of these as a reference or template.

Once you have the fabric cut out, use a glue stick to glue the edges, get every edge or it won't stick.

Add fabric to the base cut out on the colorful paper.

Like this!

Do as many as you need, we made 30.

Grab those buttons and start on the topping!

Put a dab of hot glue where the button will go and press carefully,
the HOT glue pops up out of the button holes.

Keep going...

They should look like this {above}

Done with the buttons, now for the backings...

Take the text side of the invite and use the glue stick,
glue the backs of these items together to create
I numbered mine, like artist prints.

In the end only 27 were made, so each piece has a number over the 27
like a signature.

I saved one for Sonja...

...and the rest went in the mail 
Envelopes from paper-source back when these were on sale.
Addresses are on clear Avery labels like these.

These Invitations took a lot of work, but they were a labor of love.  I hope family and friends like them.  If you are going to do something similar, I recommend breaking it up so that you don't do it all in one sitting.  These were spread out over weeks and each step was time consuming.  

Good Luck!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! I've gotten lazy (and disguise it as being green), and just design a punchbowl/evite invitation haha! These are MUCH cuter :)

  2. Those are way cute! You are so creative! I never would have thought to use cardboard. Genius!