Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Community Garden and a Trip to the Farm {Photo Heavy}

The best gift Sonja received for her birthday, was actually a gift certificate for us, her parents and a bottle of wine from our thoughtful friends.  Their reasoning in getting US something and not her? We BIRTHED her!  That, and, she's too young to remember gifts anyway...

So, today, we enjoyed some family brunch at Morning Glory Cafe out at The Farm at South Mountain! Followed by some Garden Building at Midwives Rising.

Eggs Benedict! {even though this plate doesn't look full, it filled me up!}

little sproutlings at the farm



Pecan Tree.

A little shoppe tucked in the back had these awesome rings!

after the farm, we headed to Midwives Rising to help build a community garden...

Still During.
Too bad, we ended up having to leave in the middle because of other commitments. 
Glad the rest of the community made it happen!

Happy Sunday!

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