Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November. My Birthday Month, in Photos!

Someones coloring while I'm painting!

Never let bananas go to waste!

Little miss Cupcake here was in my tummy when I helped this artist create this amazing artwork.
Now it's housed at the Desert Botanical Garden!

My favorite place.

I like this place too, especially on rainy days.
I look so different with make up on, getting ready for the Tinney Wedding! 
Want these {at the DBG} for our garden!

Cutest outfit! She picked it out {mostly}.
Watering the cement...
The first of many birthday gifts; Organic Chocolate from my sister!
My new sweater, and necklace from Jaxon (and Briana)
Trying out that amazing chocolate.
Beautiful hand made wreath from my Father-in-Law for my birthday!
from a vendor at the Phoenix Public Market.
My younger sister bout me this Broadway Calls shirt at their show in Phx.

Got some new yarn for an up and coming giveaway!

Life and it's difficult choices...

Great recipes for natural cleaning!! found in a magazine while getting my pedicure.

One of my favorite restaurants, lunch to go.

Birthday Dinner Dress 
The back. (butter by nadia)

Lux Gift Card from Matt (and another from Wayne and Gretch!) 
Emily got me $15 voucher for food and drinks at Urban Beans! 
This little girl has the cutest slide hair. 
Family Birthday Dinner at True Food.  So Good. 
Andy's TLT (tempa, lettuce and tomato, mayo on the side) 
Family photo at the Biltmore after dinner. 
My birthday cake I MADE! with that organic coco powder from my sister! 
Gifts from the Nonnie 
Dan Jan got me Cupcake Wine.  Yum.

And the First Edition DanJan Tinney card

From my Mom and Dad; Miche Purse.
In the desert. 
WANT! at Cost Plus, World Market. 
Driving back from Tucson. 
Gifts from Briana! Love this apron! 
Birthday Card from my bestest, who surprised me with a visit for my birthday!
Cutest little outfit I ever did see. 
She's taking my job! 
Did some minor altering to this beautiful dress Katie traded me!
Loving it sleeveless. 
Using that Urban Beans voucher! 
Dutch Vegan Apple Pie! Custom order from Tree House Bakery!
Pretty smart D.I.Y. Gift, get an old hardcover book and rip out the pages, 
add elastic and you have the coolest ipad cover!
Or make these rope bowls to put gifts in! just using glue! 
Busted out the Christmas decorations last night, light changing ornaments!

Desert Botanical Garden; All Decorated!

...And I think that's everything from this month!

So thankful for the month of November, it's always my favorite!  I'm lucky to have such generous friends, and thankful for them all to be in my life.  I'm looking forward to December, Cold Weather, Holiday Meals, Gift Giving and more!

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