Monday, December 19, 2011

Do It Yourself; Seattle and Olympia {day 3}

We have a lot of friends in Seattle and surrounding areas so on day 3 we headed to a small town outside of Olympia to visit a family.  A very important family, this family are mutual friends of our closest friends and they are the ones who inspired our home birth.  Before I was pregnant our friend mentioned them to us and how they had a great experience and how we should do it too, whenever we do have kids.  I was hesitant because I, like many women, had been conditioned to think so many things could go wrong it would be crazy to NOT birth in a hospital.  But after a lot of research and hearing about their experience I couldn't go the hospital, not with my fear of IVs and desire to do a natural birth {that would be much too harder if bed ridden, deprived of food and on a pitocin drip}. ANYWAY... our babies ended up having the same birthday one year apart! Which means a LOT to me. I thought it would be great for the kiddos to meet and they had SO much fun together.  

Here are the photos of the day and the homestead of that family...

On the way to get some coffee and I spotted some Yard Bombing in Downtown Seattle.
Zeitgeist Coffee to visit Aunt Brianna at work. 

The Homestead...
Their sheep and chicken coming to say hi. 
They have one peacock named Tyrone and two peahens.
A nice fire to keep us all warm. 
The kiddos playing.
Getting a tour of the land.
This might be morbid to some, but after these animals are hunted {or found dead} Papa puts out his decaying animals to help feed the eco system on his land.  They are slowly consumed and their nutrients put back into the earth.  While walking around he showed us several places where the animal had laid until their final beetle cleaning and the ground was more lush than anywhere else on their property.  It's amazing how nature works so well when left to it's own systems. 
I love this hand carved broom on their porch!

And then on to dinner, sorry not much of a transistion there, but once we were back in Seattle we headed to Jaxon's for dinner and made some mac and cheese, not just any mac but a medley of Aged English Cheddar, Gruyere and Fontina!

And that's what we did on day three, I'll share day four next.  Get Excited!

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  1. Olympia my hometown! On your next Seattle trip we'll have to plan a get together!