Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do It Yourself; Seattle and Portland {day 4}

Another amazing day in the Pacific Northwest.  On day four we ventured to Portland with a few goals in mind. 
1. Eat {and drink} at the Rogue Brewery.
2. Eat some donuts from VooDoo donuts.
we did that and so much more!

First Stop, coffee in Seattle at Zeitgeist to say hi to B. on our way out...

Once we got to Portland we headed to the park!  
Jaxon's Friend Addie {Tucson Native and current Portlandian} took us to all our requested sites and more!
Playgrounds aren't just for the kiddos, Jxn is practicing his upside down skills {above}
The Sun Came Out! 
And I love the effect it had on my pictures!

After the park, we headed to Hawthorne and got some crepes at a local creperie and then some souvenirs from Cassidy Jewelry (not pictured).
Sonja Coloring for the first time at a restaurant!
We each ordered something different then shared...
Mural in the Creperie Hallway.

After Crepes we headed to Powell Books, sorry for lack of pictures I was sick of my camera at this point.

After Book shopping we headed to VooDoo Donuts:

After donuts {which we saved for later} we headed to the Rogue Brewery...
Who orders water at Rogue? This girl.  I was too tired to get a drink for myself, although I did taste several beers including their pumpkin ale which is made with pumpkins they grew on their hops farm!
Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout has a special place in my heart, it's the beer I drank while in labor,
yes.  in labor.  My midwife suggested to drink a half glass of stout beer to help with a full night's sleep.
Hummus and a full table of half eaten food and drinks.
Back at the hotel I checked the donuts to see what we got in the VooDoo dozen {donuts pre-flight}.
This little girl slept the whole drive back to Seattle, so once we got to the hotel she was WIDE AWAKE until 2 a.m. 
She also discovered how ear phones work while on the drive and thought they were the coolest thing!

Hope you've enjoyed the photos, the last morning and flight home are next.
Happy Vacation Photo Viewing!!

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  1. It looks like you had an excellent vacation, Happy Holidays!