Friday, December 16, 2011

Do It Yourself, Seattle! {day 1}

We recently got back from a much needed vacation to Seattle, home of our closest friend!  I planned the whole thing myself {as usual} and we actually did quite a bit.  So for the next 5 posts, you can look forward to images of the Pacific North West and all the yummy food we ate while there!

I booked our flight through and the tickets were the cheapest I'd seen them in months!  $218 a person plus taxes.  *{tip: when booking on discount sites and traveling with baby DO NOT include them as a lap pass during the search, the tickets were more, INSTEAD book as usual THEN call the airline and add the child under age two at time of travel!}
I also booked our hotel {Hotel Deca} on Expedia because it was a featured hotel and was only $104 a night, plus parking each night since we rented a car and taxes. 
Our Room
The bathroom was actually much brighter looking than it appears in this photo.
our view
After settling in, we headed to dinner and our hotel just happened to be within walking distance to our FAVORITE restaurant in the United States!  Thai Tom's. 
I ordered the Swimming Rama 1 star, {number 15} and fried egg rolls.
It's actually terrible, because, since we got home I'm still craving some amazing Thai food...
We ended up getting it To-Go because it was just to cold for our little desert babe.
*(tip: when ordering at Thai Tom's do not get anything spicier than a 3 star, especially if you're white, he will take it as a sign of disrespect and try to kill you with spicy-ness.  I promise.)
The Cupcake played by the fire while we all ate in the hotel lobby. 
Then she discovered the Christmas tree, something she's never seen before...

And that was just Day One, which was really only like 5 hours, just wait until you see Day Two :)

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