Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Traveling with a Toddler is EASIER than Traveling Alone...

... or at Least I Didn't Cry, This Time.

I type this on the plane and with the normalcy of the keyboard at my fingertips it’s almost as if I’m not soaring tens of thousands of feet above The Earth.  {eep!}  But I’m thankful my anxiety has calmed since take off, that’s always the worst part for me and with that note, let me lead into my list of reasons flying with a toddler is actually EASIER than flying alone…

  1. Take off.
Because I was so focused on keeping my daughter from crying, I was too distracted to do the what if game in my head.  I had to keep her calm and therefore keep myself calm. 
Nursing helps, I’m so thankful that we’re still nursing at 14 months because I was able to calm her with a chi-chi {as we call it in our house hold} and while that place of comfort was soothing her, the Oxytocin produced from expressing milk calmed me too.  Oxytocin is a powerful drug, often called the love drug, it’s the hormone released at any moment of pleasurable skin to skin contact, including but not limited to hugs with parents, kisses with partners or during orgasm.  So not only was that my form of medication, as opposed to my usual anti-anxiety prescriptions, but it also served a physical prevention for clogged ears.  The Cupcake’s suckling actually works her jaw in a way similar to when you chew gum on take off, allowing for your, and in this case her, ears to pop naturally and acclimate to the pressure change. 

  1. Boarding.
When traveling with a small child they let you board early, ensuring that all your carry ons find a nice safe place on the flight and of course the whole not having to climb over everyone and their luggage.  Score!

  1. Baggage assistance. 
When we arrived at the curb with our luggage there was someone ready and willing to help us cart it through the airport to the ticketing counter.  Normally, I have to carry and drag all my crap by myself, not today!  The kind guy loaded and unloaded all our bags for us, which was super helpful, since Hubs hands were full of baby and mine were busy searching for boarding info and credit cards.  And because we don’t suck, Hubs. gave him a few bucks for his help, which was much appreciated.

  1. Security and Body Scanners!
There’s a special line for families!  Not that there was much of a line at the time, but it was nice to jump to the front and get expedited service as opposed to waiting for an hour with a squirming baby.  Also, normally, I have water bottle issues.  I always forget to empty my water bottle before getting in the security line, but today I remembered!!  Except I forgot Sonja’s water bottle was in my purse as well.  BUT, instead of making me dump the whole thing and come through the line again, they simply poured a few drops of it onto testing paper to make sure it really was water.  Another perk of traveling with a little one.
Because I had to hold my daughter as we walked through the metal detector, I couldn't hold my arms up and freeze in the same position as necessary for the full body scanner and therefore, without question, was excused.  Thankfully, because, I had no desire to get those x-rays blasted into my

And there you have it, my 4 reasons for why traveling with a baby is actually easier than traveling alone.  I will be posting lots of images and things to do while in the Seattle or Portland area over the next week. So, be excited for that!

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