Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Sonja Wore No. 8

Cardigan; from Target, Circo Brand, {purchased last minute for a wedding this summer, when I forgot how cold San Diego could be}
Onesie; Circo brand I think, gift from her grandma
Leg Warmers; Hello Kitty design purchased from Hissyfits with Grandpa's Christmas fund.
Shoes; Toms 

I LOVE these leg warmers because it's like having her wear pants but I can get her diaper on and off easy and they're great for Elimination Communication {when diaperless at home, she goes on the potty!}
And later that day..
... Outside in the backyard, almost naked, except for those awesome leg warmers!

Hope you enjoyed her outfit, 
I'll be sure to do more of these now that I'm thrifting and making more of her clothes.

Happy Saturday!


  1. So. damn. cute! And Toms = yes. I love thrift-outfit posts. We do one as well :)

    P.S. did you ever get my email? I sent it a bit ago but my emails often get sent to junk folders.


  2. I love this feature! I've been thinking of showing off more of Jem's outfits too. She almost fits into her TOMS - they are SO ADORABLE on little feet!