Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anti Candida Diet {week 2}

This week is number 2! and I'm still trying to figure out how I got through last week... It was rough.

lets reflect:
day 1 9am Energized, empowered!  I ate eggs with little cheese on corn tortilla {neither the cheese or corn were allowed as I later found out} I drank coffee with almond milk and no sugar.
day 1 11am Gardening!  I started feeling light headed but from working so hard, I drank water with apple cider vinegar and some lemon.
day 1 2pm Starving! I needed my carbs and sugar at this point. I had some rage.  I ate some quinoa and some home made tomato sauce.
day 1 4 pm Stomach ache.  I reminded myself that the candida was what wanted the carbs and sugar not me.  IT wants to be fed, IT's making me angry, IT's losing.  I will get rid of this!
day 1 7pm Tired. Sick to stomach, feeling bits of "highness"

day 2 Dizzy, light headed, finally ate some agave and quinoa flour muffins {no agave on the diet though! opps} and felt better.  Continued on with the proper diet for the rest of the day.

day 3 Had an appointment with our naturopathic doctor and received my anti candida shot and confirmed some foods, she allowed green granny smith apples, organic mozzarella cheese, beans {except black, they have gluten} that night I got a really bad headache which could be because the candida was dying!  yay.

day 4 Woke up shaking and NEEDED to drink some coconut water after attempting to settle my stomach with yogurt.  I called the Dr. and she said in that situation, get my body what it needs but prevent the issue by eating every 2 hours.

day 5 Felt normal!  I actually didn't crave too much sugar or bread.  I felt like I was actually adjusting to this new diet!

day 6 Another normal day, I went to yoga and felt a little head rush once and a while from certain poses mostly.  I felt fine in terms of hunger, energy and focus!  I felt really good after yoga, like my body is strong and I can do this diet to improve me life!  I'm really excited to be rid of this invader, without the use of prescription medication, I know it will be worth it by the end of the month!

day 7 I actually felt fine.  Better really, like my body and the candida was not showing any symptoms.  Besides craving sugar and chocolate and pizza I'm doing great.

So how about week 2?  here's the meal plan...
1. Left overs from last week
2. Lamb roast, the Hubs is loving the meat eating, I am not, but I know my body will benefit...
3. Spinach and rice spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce
4. Quinoa crust pizza with tomato sauce and organic mozzarella (my Dr. approved some soft cheeses!)
5. 4 oz Lamb with brussel sprouts and salad {no dressing only olive oil and lemon for me}
6. Eggplant parmesan {sort of, no bread, baked and mine will only have mozzarella} and brown rice linguine with butter sauce, garlic and maybe lemon?
7. True Food.  I hope they have sometime for me to eat.

Why only the lamb for meat?  we get our meat from a local ranch and we talk to the ranchers every week.  They raise cattle but lately they have had lamb, which is, taste wise, better than I remember beef and steak tasting. I know they have happy healthy animals and that makes me feel better about the meat, if you're a meat eater in the phoenix area check them out! here.  And I will be happy to return to my meat free lifestyle after this diet, until then I'm happy to support such nice people!

So week 2 here we go! Wish me luck!


  1. i am so glad you are doing this, because now i am really curious to try it.... i have a major sugar problem and i feel like it's not right, though no signs of candida.

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