Tuesday, January 10, 2012

D.I.Y. Orange Extract

You may have seen my numerous posts on extract recently.  And many people have been asking how I make them... So, I thought I should share my recipes here, even though google has shown me tons of recipes! 

I made some orange extract recently for my favorite cookie recipe but you could make anything with it; cupcakes, pancakes, crepes, dessert breads, anything your bake!

What you'll need:
thin peel of one or more orange {carefully peeled no pith (the white part)}
1/2 cup 80 proof vodka {per orange}

This image contains the peel of 2 oranges so there's twice as much vodka.

I tried the recipe I link below {sort of} and decided that my peel in vodka for about a week was a better recipe, it smelled more like oranges and was exactly what I wanted.  You can dilute the extract after a week with a 1/4 cup water if you desire, but I think I'll leave mine alone.

After you've allowed the orange peel and vodka to sit for about a week {or longer if you want} pour into smaller dark amber Boston round viles, mine are 2oz purchased in bulk from here.

There's a more involved recipe here, but I modified it to the one I describe. 
 Experiment!  That's how YOU make it D.I.Y{ourself}

Happy Extracting


  1. How long we can store orange extract? Thanks for charing!

    1. I don't know. It never sits at my house more than a few months. I think as long as it's in the freezer, indefinitely?? I'm sure it would smell if bad, but the alcohol should kill anything in the mix. I store mine at room temperature in the spice cabinet. good luck!