Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012 {a D.I.Y. event}

So, I realize by sharing this NOW, a few days after Easter that you're not going to get any use out of it, but if I may suggest pin {using pinterest} the images you love and then come back next year.  AND I will re link to this post next spring so you can get ideas or how to guides.  With that said, here's how I planned for and spent our Easter...

Project #1 Decoupaged Eggs
I saved eggs from the week before and rinsed them, let them dry and then filled with seeds, so they became shakers, I used water and glue to mod podge ripped recipe pages to the eggs... 
water and glue mixture, just a drop of water!
torn up book pages {Sonja already ripped the book so I was upcycling it}
paint the glue mixture onto the strips and reassemble the egg like 2 puzzle pieces 
then wrap the paper around the egg to bandage it back together, allow to dry completely before adding more strips. 
insert dried seeds if desired and add more strips until the entire egg is covered. 
Or do the same thing but wrap them with leftover tissue paper {did you know tissue paper is not recyclable?}.
This is from my stash of Antropologie tissue paper.
and display in an apothecary jar.

Project #2: Table Cloth.
I really liked this image for a Spring or Easter event and this one too.
I spent a total of $17 on burlap fabric to makes these table cloths and about 4 hours.
I had white scrap fabric I used to create a ruffled edge...
I measured the length and then cut white fabric to fit LONGER than the length so I could ruffle it. 
I hemmed one side of the fabric then faced the pretty sides of both pieces TOWARDS each other and pinned every 6-8 inches so there would be a pleat, once sewn it would have a ruffled edge. 
Pin detail. 
Above is the table cloth half done.

Project #3 Lemon ice cubes
I got this idea from this pin.
slice lemons, add water, freeze.
so easy! 
In the jar for serving pre-water.

Project #4 Table Setting.
I used some vintage tea plates for appetizer plates and wrapped all my silverware with my white cloth napkins and more scraps of that white cloth. 

Project #5 Donuts! 
I used coconut palm sugar instead of that white stuff. 
Finally using my donut pan! 

Project #6 Mini Frittatas
Cooked organic veggies 
Mix with organic eggs, org. shredded cheese and org. cream
I used 24 eggs and it made 36 frittatas 
maybe try oil or coconut spray? 
baked at 350* F for about 20 minutes maybe 25 minutes.
I don't think my fridge has ever been this full!

My mimosa and Husband's Nonnie 
My "secret" mimosa recipe (this sparkling wine from Trader Joes)
The Appetizers.
Organic Fruit, Cheese, Cantaloupe in Prosciutto {by Emily} Eater Bread {by the Schutsky women} and  Organic Deviled Eggs.
Another hand made table cloth. 
Food detail. 
Brie and Robusto Cheese 
Homemade Organic Whipped Cream and Greek Yogurt for fruit.
Detail of the Cantaloupe and Prosciutto {with the mini frittatas in the background}
Then, for the main course we swapped in Roasted Potatoes {by Wayne} Organic Asparagus French Toast {by Husband, Martha's Recipe}, Pasta Salad {by Nonnie}, Ham {by my in-laws} and more Easter Bread. 
Detail of the "Brioche" with the cream sauce.

The Decor...
bunny egg display from Cost Plus, World Market.

The Brunch.
Pies from Husband's Uncle Chris, Organic Donuts by me, and Organic Lemon Bars by Emily 
with more Organic Fruit and Fair Trade Costa Rican Coffee.
 Family Photo and below: The Newly Weds!

And THAT was our Easter and I did the whole thing without plastic eggs!
Happy Spring!

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