Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kaua'i, Hawai'i Day 6 {Doing Vacation Ourselves}

Tuesday was our last day in Kaua'i and this is how we spent our day, and I do mean day.  We had a full day; our flight didn't leave until 10 pm!
This little footless bird was hanging out on our patio eating bread crumbs when we woke up. 
My daily breakfast with a view.
We said goodbye to this spooky snake tree as we checked out of the hotel.
We walked down to the beach after breakfast.
I love what the weather did to her hair! Perfect little ringlets! 
After playing at the beach we headed to some shoppes and bakeries...
Got cupcakes from Cakes by Kristin.
and this pineapple crostatas which we saved for the flight home: 
and if that wasn't enough we stopped next store at Passion Bakery for another sweet treat.
That's a French Toast Passion Fruit Cream Cheese stuffed muffin above to the right.
After we picked up a few snacks and played in the grass we headed back to beach...
One last Hawaiian sunset.
Someone found a piece of wood with her daddy!
When we first arrived this flower was not opened and it looked like corn, I had not idea what it was! 
But, the day we left it had finally opened up.  Pretty right?!
After that we headed to the gas station to fill up our rental car, but it was closed.  As in the pumps were closed off and we couldn't get gas!  There are only like 3 gas stations on this side of the island and we had an hour to get to the air port so thanks to my iphone we were able to find one close by and open.  We got there and 2 guys were filling up the cars.  I guess Hawaii is one of those places you can't pump your own gas, which would explain why the closed gas station had the pumps closed.  

Once we got to the airport we found out how strict the USDA is with food between the island and mainland.  We couldn't bring produce home, except a pineapple.  I had my avocado from the farmer's market I was looking forward to preparing once we got home and they told me I couldn't bring it.  There was a food checkpoint before checking in for our flight, and then again right before the gate.  They also took some store bought oranges and an apple.  I was really disappointed because REALLY?! most of the US's food comes from China or Mexico and I can't bring back fresh food from a US STATE?! I'm sure there is an agricultural reason, I just don't understand why it's okay from China and Mexico and other places but not from Hawaii.  I'm sure there are issues with bugs and native plants from both of those places as well.  

In short, when traveling between the mainland and the island; do not bring produce {I also had to eat 2 apples before landing because those would not have been allowed from the mainland to the island}.
Do not assume you will have time to fill up gas in your rental car at the last minute, it will take planning!
Do not leave your phone at TSA security check point when your husband rushes through with baby leaving you with carseat and bags to collect, you have to run back and fill out paperwork to get it back before your flight and it's an extra inconvenience.  

Hope everything shared here helps if you're planning a trip to Hawaii or was at least entertaining to see!

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  1. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years when I was a child. I so miss it!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Thanks for sharing!