Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Project a Day; Week 1

Here's my first attempt at a round up.  If you participated at all by doing any project from any day please link it up below.  Here's the ones I was able to document...

Day 1; Nourish.  This week I made this whole meal from scratch {except the tortillas which we bought local} beans took hours to soak and the avocados were not yet ripe so it took a lot of arm muscles to really get them mushed.  

Day 2; Upcycle.  I'm working on making a baby quilt from Cupcake's old and stained onsies and a few other projects with scrap fabrics, so although it might not look like it in the photo above, I am busy upcycling!

Day 3; Clean.  This week I cleaned out some cabinets for our new housemates moving in this July, we're going to have a yard sale soon so I'm gathering all the goodies for that and cleaning the spaces as I go.  I also did some spring cleaning for things I had been storing outside in plastic bins and look what I found {above photo}!

Day 4; Create.  I made this onesie for an expecting friend of mine.  It's one of Sonja's old onesies, that was white, which I hand died almost black and then added the embellished "K" for the family's last name.

{no photo}

Day 5; Educate.  This week I attempted to learn how to dry fenugreek from the plant and well, google failed me.  I'm going to have to find a new resource and blog about it since there isn't information easily accessible on how to dry fenugreek from the plant itself or how to make teas for milk supply from which part of the pant.

{no photo}

Day 6; Exercise.  This week I took my first hot yoga class and I can not tell you how much I enjoyed it.  It's not bikram which is 105* f, it's 95* f and much more fluid.  I was really nervous when I walked into the room and it was so warm, but it didn't get much hotter and I adjusted well.  Going to make a habit of it, I think!

{no photo}

Day 7; Reader's Choice.  This week I focused on debt.  I'm working on a master plan to fully pay off all our credit cards and finally stop making monthly payments and instead focus on saving money both for our move to Hawaii in a few years and our trip to Switzerland in 2013.

How did you do?? link up below! I'd love to see the projects my friends and readers are working on!

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