Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prescott Day Trip April 2012

This past weekend we headed to Prescott for the day and this is how we entertained ourselves...
First stop, The Raven Cafe for some drinks and yogurt.

Then I was off to my yoga class taught by the lovely Michelle, and the rest of the family headed to the main square to run around and play...
They even met this wolf dog! 
Cupcake and her Daddy and his Brother. 

After they picked me up from yoga we got a bite to eat.
The view from our table at lunch. 
While this food make look good, it was totally busted with some terrible service.  I don't think we'll ever be back to Prescott Brewing Company, they took forever to bring our drinks after telling me outside drinks were not allowed {we had water and coconut water!}.  They also never brought one of the drinks nor the ketchup we asked for.  They brought the beer out halfway through the meal, and after I asked for a box we still waited 20 minutes for our check, and the only reason we got it was because I got up and told her we were leaving, politely of course {after a 2 hour meal only eating what you see pictured}.  Yikes! 

The food took so long we missed our friends at the Chalk it Up! event, but we still got to see some awesome chalk works... 

After chalk we got ice cream and fudge, W&G got an otter pop and frozen chocolate banana:
The Cupcake's new favorite game?! "Running, Running, Running"
You know I wish I could share her adorable face :(  
Oh well, happy daddy and safe baby are worth it.

Lucky for all of us, she slept the whole drive home.  I'm planning another trip up there this summer, it's nice to get out of town and enjoy some small town fun, plus I really liked the yoga class, which was taught by my friend so it's sort of hard to not look forward to another trip!

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  1. aw :) i can't wait until we have our "chalkfest" downtown this summer!

    thank you for sharing - love it!