Monday, June 4, 2012

D.I.Y. Toddler Activity {Painting Plants}

This afternoon when returning from our errands I noticed our flower plant in the front wilting from the summer sun, before it had a chance to kill all the leaves we snagged a few for an art project! 
{Please excuse the iphone pictures, I didn't have time to grab the "real" camera}

First, we started with watercolor painting the veins of the leaf.
Then stamped that onto a piece of cardstock.
Removed the leaf and VoilĂ ! watercolor art.

And when we were done experimenting with watercolor stamping, we moved on to acrylic painting...
I just grabbed a few of my green acrylic paints and let Cupcake here choose her colors...
With slightly more supervision, she painted these leaves with the colors of her choice.
Then we stamped again.
I like these way more than the watercolor version, but to each his or her own!
and then she just kept painting. 
and I helped, notice the top of our finished pieces; we both painted leaves!
I'm keeping the painted leaves to frame next to the finished artworks. 

Hope that gives you some artistic inspiration for you and your toddler!

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