Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring 2012 Garden Update No. 4

It's summer here in Phoenix and somehow a few of my spring plants are still alive!
Above: Quinoa closest, carrots and swiss chard behind. 
Quinoa Close up.  I just read you can eat the leaves!  which is good to know because these grains are exhausting to dry and store.
Watering my shadow
Kale in a wine box.  I've found this plant does best in a container, and this is red kale (I think) so it might look different than the other kale you usually see at the store.
Left to right, Oregano (slightly cut off), Sage, Lemon Balm, and more little Kales.
These are leeks and they are growing kind of slow... hoping they plump up before it gets too hot. 
This lettuce is actually done for the season, once it flowers {yes, lettuce grows flowers!}, it's way bitter to enjoy. But it's pretty right?! 
I also JUST planted this zucchini (below) a few weeks ago and it's already producing fruit.  I just dropped in a seed or two {from an organic package} to see if I could get any squash over the summer, and I think we will!!

And that's it for the Spring 2012 Garden update no. 4.  I'll probably post just one more once everything dries up before we prep for Fall 2012.  Keep an eye out!

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  1. I think what you referred to as red kale is actually lacinato kale. It tends to be less "curly" on the edges of the leaves. I buy that kind whenever it's available, followed by purple kale (which is what I'm growing and enjoying in my salads).

    1. Alex, thanks for the comment, that sound about right!