Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Food Club Meeting no. 1

The first rule of food club is; do not talk about food club.

The second rule of food club is; you do not talk about food club.



that's a different club...

This club is for my ladies who love food.  Some women have book clubs, we have a food club. We've decided to have monthly meetings around town, and try all the new and up & coming restaurants {and bars}.  This month's meeting took place at La Grande Orange {also known as LGO}.  Although, I've been there before, we decided to try it again since my friend, Erin, had never been there.  They have the best Vodka Lemonade.  So, when she mentioned she wanted to try it, I didn't object.  Good thing, because, actually about half the ladies who joined us had never been there!

Here's our first meeting, in photographs...
The Menu. 
Lucy's Spiked Lemonade by the pitcher. 
It's a rosemary lemonade with vodka.
Highly Recommended.
The Gals...
The Food:
Spinach Apple Pecan Salad {with Manchego Cheese}
So, So, Amazing.  If you like salad, apples or cheese you must try this!
Large Order of Fries. 
Cheese Pizza. 
My attempt at a photo of the Roasted Corn Pizza. 
{Please, excuse the blur and the sneaky V. in the background}
This is the Avocado Pizza and Rocket Man Pizza in the background.

We all shared the pizzas trading slices around and we all thoroughly enjoyed the spiked lemonade.
After trying ALL the vegetarian pizzas, I have to say the Roasted Corn and Rocket Man were my favorites but the Avocado was also really good.

Creeps and Receipts.
$171 before tip. Not bad for 9 ladies and 2 pitchers of alcohol.

Favorite Appetizer: Spinach Apple Pecan Salad {with Manchego Cheese}

Favorite Entree: Roasted Corn Pizza

Favorite Drink: Lucy's Spiked Lemonade {their regular lemonade is also good!}

Best part of the meal? When the drinks arrived!

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 8.5 {I can't give a 10 the first time! Nothing was necessarily amazing, nor bad, food came on time and drinks were full}

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$ {slightly more expensive per person because of the alcohol}

Mistakes {corrections?}: There was only one mistake; the server brought fries to the table and set them in front of the wrong person.  He implied they were for the table, and it wasn't until half way through the meal we realized they weren't a bonus appetizer.  They were someone, on the other end of the table's, side dish.  He apologized and brought her the side of fries, and only charged us for the one.  Which I think, is the proper solution to that situation.  

Reservations? No. They don't accept Reservations, even for large groups.  At least 1/2 the party must be present to be seated.

Would we eat there again? Yes

Just a tip about the tip; when dining in large groups bring cash and always plan on tipping 20%  
Even if you don't like the server or think they were short/annoying/sarcastic, if your drinks were always full and your food was on time 20% is the only respectable amount.  

For those of you reading this that have never worked in the restaurant industry, it's important to note when you tip, you're not just tipping your server, you're also tipping the bus boy/girl, the bartender (EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T ORDER ALCOHOL) and sometimes the hostess, about 5% of your bill is "tipped out" to the above mentioned staff, so when you tip 20% you're really tipping the server 15%.  

The whole thing was so much fun, I almost bought Sonja this adorable LGO shirt...

And that was our first Food Club Meeting.  A sweet success and we already have our July meeting planned.  So, check back next month!

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  1. Food Club? This is so up my alley it's not even funny! I LOVE it!! Next time this is happening you have to let me know, I would love to come down and eat with you ladies!! And when we come down to vend the farmer's market I definitely want to plan on going to yoga with you! xo.

    1. MEESH! I was going to invite you but you guys seemed jam packed. Next time for sure! we were talking about how we wished you could be there, and I gave everyone your soap samples that was there :)