Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food Club Meeting No. 3

For the Month of August we met up at Gallo Blanco, a mexican food restaurant located in the lobby of the Clarendon Hotel in Central Phoenix.

Above is the Elote appetizer.  It's a roasted corn on the cob with mexican cheese and paprika.  It's amazing and totally worth $5!
Street tacos for the table, each one is small and about $3 so it's best to order a few.
Huevos on tamales, a special for the evening!  

A vegetarian Torta basically, stacked vegetable toastadas with egg on top.
And I may have ordered dessert for dinner.  I wanted crepes, but I didn't realize this one was going to be so sweet!  Good thing I shared that tamale dish with my sister so it balanced out.
Brownie Dessert!
And the hard part of the night.  
Gallo doesn't spit checks so even though we all brought cash, I had to divide the check up by order and add tax and gratuity for everyone.  

Favorite Appetizer: Elote {means corn} appetizer.

Favorite Entree: I really liked the tamale dish but I've yet to be disappointed with anything on their menu.

Favorite Drink: Crowd favorite was the Pickly Pear Margarita

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 8.5 Good service but not splitting checks is a huge inconvenience for a large group. And not bad service but our table was kind of warm, even with the AC on.

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$-$$$ everything is in the $$ range but not very large dishes so you usually have to order a few things to get a full meal.

Mistakes {corrections?}: They brought out the brownie to the birthday girl, implying it was an additional free birthday dessert instead of serving it to the person who ordered it.  Not really a mistake but I've noticed when in large groups they tend to put orders in front of the wrong person without asking who ordered it, and that can be frustrating because large groups don't always know what the other end of the table ordered or is eating.

Reservations? I didn't try because it more of a bar, and we only had 8 people, I knew they would seat us without much of a wait.

Would we eat there again? Yes, but probably just for lunch I like the day time atmosphere a bit more.

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