Friday, August 31, 2012

Functional Friday no. 32: How to clean up spilled paint on tile.

My Brother and Sister In Laws moved in this past weekend and they helped us paint their new room a light shade of gray.  It turned out awesome.  What wasn't so awesome was the paint my sister in law spilled, she and my husband sort of freaked out and were about to wipe it up with towels, but I quickly stopped them!

The best way to clean up a large amount of spilled latex or acrylic paint is to LET IT DRY!

Husband doubted it would dry because it was so much, but by mid afternoon the next day it was dry, I suggest putting a box or something on top of the paint so no one steps on it {we had to keep redirecting the dogs} but once it's dry it will literally peel right off the floor...
Mid drying state.
 checking to see if it was in fact dry...
 Once you're sure it's dry lift the whole blob of paint slowly so it comes up in one piece.
It actually cleaned some of the grout too.
Ta Da!
...and just throw it in the trash.  Easy Peasy.

Happy Painting!

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