Sunday, January 27, 2013

Food Club No. 7 {The Vig Uptown}

This month's food club was at The Vig Uptown.  I actually drive by this place all the time and have been wanting to try it for a few months now.  So, when food club votes were due last week I added this resturant to the list.  I was stoked when it won, and I think everyone else really enjoyed it too.  {*Please forgive the lighting of these photos in advance, the patio was dark and the lights were sporadic, which was great for ambiance, but not so great for shooting in manual mode.}

I'm sure everyone is going to be stoked I took these photos while they were talking... SERIOUS conversations happening pre-appetizers.
Above: Garlic Edamame for the table.
My sister and I shared these Hot Totties, which were AMAZING!
Yes, that's cheese inside of a tater tot!
After the tots I knew I'd want something light and healthy.  So, I shared this Uptown Chopped Salad {with Kale, Beets, Butternut Squash and more in a champagne vinaigrette dressing} with my sister.  it was perfect!
And we shared this "Vigin but not quite Vegan" sandwich and sweet potato fries.
Above: Holy Mac & Cheese {with Bacon} Below: Holy Mac & Cheese with Broccoli.
Above: Stephanie's "Achiote Salmon and Chorizo Arepa"
Above: Katie's "Patty Melt" {There's a fried egg on this sandwich!}
Above: Gretchen ordered the "Legalize Pot Roast"

The Review:
Favorite Appetizer: The Hot Totties!  They were tater tots filled with cheese!! We also got some garlic edamame which was good, but I still like Moira Sushi's more.

Favorite Entree: The Mac and Cheese looked amazing! but Katie's Patty Melt might have been the winner.  Although, I didn't actually try it, since I don't eat meat. But you guys, it had a fried egg on it!  My Uptown Chopped Salad was exactly what I needed.  I've been all about the light meals with this pregnancy.  It was perfectly flavorful but not too filling!

Favorite Drink: I had water but on a non-pregnant visit I might have tried one of their many wines, or chosen a classic cocktail from their fully stocked bar.

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9 We were really hungry and our appetizers came out pretty quickly, but since some people didn't get appetizers it felt like a while before our food got there.  Overall, I think it was great service, the wait time is always subjective.  They sat us right away and our drinks came out fast and our glasses were never empty.  

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$  I spent about $20 I shared two appetizers and my sister and I each ordered an entree and shared that too.  So, I got to try 4 items, for the cost of an appetizer and entree.  Of course I tipped 20% bringing my grand total to about $26.00.

Mistakes {corrections?}: No mistakes.  Everything came out delicious

Reservations? We didn't make any for our group of 7 BUT they do host large events so I'm sure if you have a big group they'd love to know about it!

Would we eat there again? You know it!  The best part of food club is knowing the best places in town to go when Husband wants to go out or when we have out of town guests visiting.  So far, we haven't been disappointed!

I wanted to do a fancy brunch for January's food club, but we pushed it back to February due to scheduling conflicts for club members on the weekends. BUT if you like brunch you'll want to keep an eye out for our next meeting.  Happy Local Dining!

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