Friday, January 25, 2013

Functional Friday no. 33 {What to do with all that citrus?! edition}

Here in Phoenix, we've got a lot of citrus showing up at our farmer's markets and in my own back yard.  Since I've been a little preoccupied with pregnancy and my daughter, my life has been documented solely through instragram.  {The new DSLR only makes it way out for special events}  Anyway, here's what I've been doing with all our citrus!
I got 10 lemons from the farmer's market on Saturday and juiced them all by hand with this $3.99 juicer from target.  It's plastic on top which I dislike and was worried about even lasting one juice, but the bottom is glass and it actually was very sturdy for it's first run!

my Lemonade Recipe is sort of go with the flow...
I used all 10 lemons, 2 LARGE spoonfuls of Organic Raw Honey, and added water to taste {maybe 1/2 gallon water?} I would have added rosemary or lavender but I didn't have any fresh herbs.  I'm still trying to decide if I should mush up some strawberries and add it to the mix... just some variations to think about.

All these {above} oranges are from our little tree in our backyard and I've been enjoying one a day.  That's a lot of peels to compost.  So instead, I grabbed a ball jar filled it half way with vinegar and instead of throwing away the peels or composting, I add them to the vinegar.  When my sister-in-law mops the house this week, she'll use the citrus vinegar instead of the regular stuff and if pinterest isn't lying to me; our house will smell like oranges instead of the usual vinegar...

And, that's what I'm doing with all our citrus.  Do you have any functional uses for citrus?  Link in the comments!


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