Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Banana, Kale, Coconut Smoothie

My friend Michelle recently commented how @amysilvermanfitness inspired her to work out the other day and when I checked out her instagram profile, I was also super inspired!  I already started doing yoga postpartum, but now I want to start getting my booty back into shape before we head to the beach. I'm not the type to obsess over my body, but it's weird being pregnant and after because it's a version of your body but not YOUR body, if that makes sense.  So, I'm going to get more active and eat a little healthier to get MY body back!

...and this was the first smoothie with that mindset!

I used:
10 chunks of fresh COLD pineapple
1 frozen banana
handful of kale from our garden
a splash of coconut juice {made from the pulp of the coconut, not to be confused with coconut water}
and a scoop of vanilla whey protein.

Happy Healthy Smoothie Making!

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