Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food Club no. 10 {The Greene House, Scottsdale}

This month we tried out The Greene House in Scottsdale. 

Table ready for our gathering.
Emily's beer and the Pink & Greene Martini {guava and green sugar give this drink it's name}
White wine.
GH Mojito
Melted Brie Appetizer 
Gretchen & Emily
My sister Brittany and me {and a Vera eye}.
Macey, Stephanie and Britt.
Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
Greene House Salad
Turkey on Grilled Flatbread
Mac & Cheese Side
Kale Salad {a few of us orded this with variations of shrimp or chicken so I'm only posting one photo}
Grilled Asparagus Side

The Full Review:
Favorite Appetizer: The only appetizer we ordered was the Melted Brie and while the Hummus and Artichoke Fondue both sounded equally amazing this was really what my sister and I were craving.  The Cranberries were cherried! and amazing I highly recommend this appetizer for any brie lover.

Favorite Entree: I didn't order one entree, rather a salad and a few sides.  My sister-in-law claims the Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin was the best!  So there's that.  I loved my kale salad, although it was on the cheese-y side, and if you're into something healthy might want to ask for less cheese.  As far as side dishes go, the Mac & Cheese was alright, but I've had better and I'd probably skip the asparagus next time, it might be out of season but I prefer thin crunchy stems and this just wasn't doing it for me.

Favorite Drink: Sadly, I've cut out most alcohol and really just try to drink water, but I did taste the Pink & Greene Martini and I would highly recommend that, although the GH Mojitio was also a refreshing summer drink!

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9 It was a good dinner.  Our table was set for us when we arrived with waters and wine glasses.  Our server promptly greeted us and got drinks going right away.  We ordered an appetizer and waited to order our meals for the whole group to arrive, and while we had a few late comers; everything was delivered quickly.  I spent most of my meal trying to calm a fussing baby, but my drink was never empty and even after some payment confusion {I usually do the math} our server politely split the checks. 

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$ There were items in all price ranges.  The sides were large enough to be a meal, or like my sister and I did, a salad and a side between two would be enough.  I think I spent $23ish including tip.  Not bad for a girls night, of course with a drink it would have been more.

Mistakes {corrections?}: None.

Reservations? Yes, I called ahead for 12 but told them it would probably be less, they set the tables for 12 and then when only 10 arrived they removed the other table without hassle.  Although, the hostess did tell me she needed to get manager approval for any parties larger than 6.  

Would we eat there again? Sure.  If I was in the area I would definitely go again.  I do prefer local organic restaurants but this one did have refreshing ingredients and nothing too heavy so I'd be interested in eating there again.

And that was our monthly food club!

Thanks for following along, and if you've followed from the start you might know this was our one year anniversary since the start of food club.  Next month I'm thinking Brat Haus or Mexican food, want to know more about one or the other leave a comment!


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