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New York and New Jersey 2013 {Too Many Images!}

In June or July I received a wedding invitation to one of my former students' wedding.  I was so honored to be invited I almost didn't realize it was in New York!  But I couldn't miss it, so after asking for help, I got my sister-in-law to agree to make the trip with my girls and me {Husband had to work}.  I am so lucky she was able to go because I NEEDED her to accomplish so much in such little time.  Here's our trip in photos along with links and suggestions for places we went.  Enjoy...

Driving in to Brooklyn from New Jersey.  My Father-in-Law didn't want his granddaughters and of course his daughter taking the "scary" train into the city, so he got us a driver for the day. I'm not going to say we needed it, but it definitely made things go a lot smoother as far as getting into the city goes.
One of the first things we saw coming in from Brooklyn into Manhattan was the Freedom Tower, which is not complete but stands in the place of the previous World Trade Center(s)
When I asked on twitter the best vegetarian restaurant, this is where my friend Natalie suggested; Red Bamboo.  And it WAS really good, Sonja enjoyed every bite.  I think next time, I could do without both appetizers, but I didn't want to miss anything, since I knew it would be a while before I'd be back.
I liked these wontons but I loved this Sweet and Sour mock chicken dish:

After lunch we headed to central park, we watched the bubble guy and the horses.
It was a quick stop before we headed back to the hotel {hotel BPM} to get ready for the wedding.  Once we were all situated, we headed to this beautiful hall for the pre-ceremony for the wedding.
Here are the mothers of the bride and groom bringing the bride down for her veil ceremony.
Seriously, you guys it was so pretty!
The groom came down to put her veil {according to Jewish law, bride and groom have NEVER touched and have not seen each other for a week}
Everyone was trying to get a peek at the first time they saw each other.
After the veil ceremony the groom and bride leave and come back for the ceremony escorted by their parents, the bride by both mothers and the groom by both fathers.
It was all in Hebrew so I didn't understand a word, but I love that they still use their holy language.  As someone raised Catholic, I actually love when Preists speak latin, it feels less degraded and more accurate, I assume its this same concept that keeps Hebrew thriving.
After the ceremony the party started...
I loved that each place setting each had a loaf of bread!
This was the welcome entry for the bride as she came in with her groom.
She was greeted by the lovely ladies in her life.
After her groom was whisked away the dancing started.
The men are on the other side of that wall, the women dance in their own room while the men dance in theirs.
We snuck a peek though...
The Bride's guest keep her well hydrated and fan her in between dances. I loved this!
To keep Sonja entertained during the calmer moments {which were rare}, we brought her workbook and crayons.
Then she joined us for dancing!
After dancing we ate dinner:
This was the main course {after soup and fish and salad}
Since the men and women are separate for dancing the ladies had to pick the Bride up to see her Groom.
And I missed this jump roping 'dance' while I was nursing Vera, but I'm so happy Emily caught it on film for me.  It was such a wonderful night, and I'm actually glad she went with me.  If Husband could have gone we would have spent the night apart and this way I had someone to help me with the kids, and I had my former students to keep me company!  Seriously, so honored to be a part of her special day.

The next morning we headed to the subway to go back into the heart of Manhattan, first stop; SoHo.

Sonja did great on the subway and Vera slept through her first ride.

Honestly, this was  a much easier way to get around the city than with the driver, I didn't have to keep getting them in and out of their car seats.  It totally solidified my decision to NOT bring car seats to Europe.
Our first stop of the day was another suggestion from my friend Natalie; Georgetown Cupcake
I got vanilla birthday cake while Sonja enjoyed a banana split.
I couldn't finish this cupcake even though it was noon, instead I saved half of it for later that day.

If anyone wants to beautify my kitchen aid mixer, here's a little inspiration for you. I doubt they actually use this for mixing their cupcakes, but its definitely a conversation stater.

Just a bit of street art.
After cupcakes we went for lunch at Shake Shack {eat your dessert first!}  I ordered a grilled cheese. yum.
Then, we headed to the Met
A great piece by Kara Walker
I totally get these images by Sally Mann, I have the perfect kiddos to create a similar body of work.
above: I snuck a terrible photo of the Chaos to Couture Exhibit.
above are some of the images from the press release.
Pollock just like in her Olivia book
Could not get her away from this piece!
Bridget Riley's op art always impresses me.

Had this moment while in the Oceanic art wing,  What if we left all the art where it was created?

The same problem I have with Zoos I now have with museums.  It's not okay to lock up an aminal just so the entitled can see them.  You are not seeing a zebra or a lion you're seeing the shell of a lion or zebra.  They are not supposed to be in cages and neither is art.

I once had a very well known artist tell me his work died once it was in a museum.  He believes museums are tombs and I totally get that now.

These beautiful amazing pieces were not made for me, I don't understand their context, I don't know the people, I don't know the land, and I'm heartbroken I will never seem them in their native space, and I appologize to every culture whose art has been STOLEN to sit in a well lit tomb.
What if the first time I saw these amazing pieces was on the islands they were created? What if I only knew them as they were intended to be known?
Even knowing as little as I do as about these people I can see the beauty in these intricate pieces.
Sonja started getting tired so Emily wore here, while I held vera.
Love El Anatsui's work.  Amazing Upcycling!
Last year in my art class we talked about the Ibeji's Twin Figures I love this modern interpretation.
Street art, literally, outside of the museum.
After the Met we headed to Central Park
Duck friends saying, "hi."
Love this girl's after nap hair.
a few instagrams from the day.

 After the park we caught the subway over to Pier 25 to meet our friends for a Story Pirates show.   And I thought this fire house was adorable!
This little girl enjoyed the whole performance.
 While everyone else was watching the show, I snuck out to capture the sunset over the Hudson River.
Thanks to Emily for helping me pull this off!
And thanks to these lovelies for hanging out!  Such a bummer Sonja and him live so far away.

After The City we headed back to New Jersey to Husband's Aunt Judy's house...
Her pup, Nibbles.
A quick home tour because it's beautiful!
She has such good taste and a great flow to her rooms.
Sonja LOVES this fish plate.
And we all know I'm a sucker for blue & white!
The backyard immediately following a rain storm {complete with tornado warnings for surrounding areas}
Beautiful logs on the porch.
I'd love to live somewhere where porches are a thing!
Like HERE! a little real estate office on the drive to lunch.
Federici's for Lunch with Aunt Joanne.
A little walk around Downtown Freehold, NJ.
Sonja wanted to go into here, good thing it was a library.
...complete with a kids reading area in a basement.
Where do I get a table like this?!
And drawers like this?!
Story time with Aunt Joanne.
Followed up with Gelato before heading back to Aunt Judy's for dinner.
More Italian food for dinner! Followed by...
And of course you have to work those calories off somehow.
So we took an evening walk around the neighborhood...
And on our last morning in New Jersey, we headed to Asbury Park for brunch at toast
They had something for everyone, I wanted breakfast and everyone else wanted lunch.  They had both.
Love this photo of Husband's sixteen year old cousin.
My breakfast.
and yes.  I got the toddler a chocolate chip waffle.  Judge me. {but don't really, I ate most of it on the flight home}
For being such a bad area, I can explain how adorable this area was.
the Historic Wonder Bar via our car tour.
a few beautiful homes on the drive back, before heading to the airport.
And after a 4 hour and 50 minute flight, we were home.

Thanks for scrolling through a few too many photos, I hope you enjoyed looking at our trip as much as we did while on it!

Happy Travels,

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