Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Upcycled Scrap Fabric Garland {for Sonja's Third Birthday}

My little is going to be three next month! wow, when did that happen? I guess with the pregnancy and new baby I almost missed the part about my toddler becoming a kid!

Anyway, to finally get into party planning mode, I checked my pinterest board and started this project, along with a few others.  This year is owl themed! And the colors are orange, blue, brown and pink.  that's a lot of colors but I'm also using a lot of prints and patterns featuring owls. So, this garland is mostly blue, while other decor will feature oranges and pinks.

I checked my scrap fabric drawer for fabrics and patterns that matched my theme, and these were what I came up with.  I always save ribbon so I had this white 'string' to use for the garland.

I cut the scrap fabric into strips 1-2 inches thick, no measuring! and about 6-10 inches long, I wanted it to be a mixture of lengths so I simple spaced out the different lengths to create the variation and 'pattern'
I tied each strip into a knot like when you start to tie your shoes and repeat, {over and under the bridge, repeat}once they were all tied, I slid them close together and pulled each strip down so it hung properly.
Here it is completed on the back of a chair, although, I'm not sure how or where I'll be displaying this garland, I think I'm going to have her party at the park this year, so we can have some real rescued owls, without my dogs attacking them.

wish me luck! happy party planning.

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