Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Make Cakepops and Reusable Sticks.

My sister in law is a bit of a baker, and well, I guess I am too.  So, when you combine us you get cakepops just for fun on a Tuesday.  Here's how we made them and here's how the original bakerella makes them.

First. Bake a cake.  I used this recipe. Let it cool
Second. Make frosting {that store bought stuff is gross}.  I used this recipe.

Once the cake has cooled crumble it into small pieces in a bowl.  Add about 1/4 cup frosting and mix together, if necessary add more frosting.  The cake ball mix should be cookie dough consistency according to Em.
Crumbling into a bowl.

Here's what the crumbles should look like.

Add the frosting.


Form balls and set on baking sheet.
Place them in the fridge or freezer to set up.

I don't believe in buying those little lollipop sticks, they're not reusable!
So, I made my own.

I had some bamboo skewers, if you don't have any, you'll need to make a one time investment. 
Bamboo Skewers.

Something to cut them with.
Make sure it's clean!

Cut them in half!

Instant Cakepop sticks!
Discard or cut off the sharp end, if using with kids, I'm sure they'd stab themselves on accident.

Okay, back to the pops... Melt chocolate over the stove.  Use a pot of water and set a bowl onto of it.  Melt the chocolate.  Once melted remove from heat and dip the cake balls.  I realize I have no photos of this important step.  I'm sorry.  It's easy though.  here's a video to show you how. 

Once you dip them, DON'T put them in Styrofoam like the video says, use a ball jar full of rice!
Rice is biodegradable, Styrofoam is NOT!
I put mine in the freezer, since I used CHOCOLATE instead of the candy dip.
I don't like the ingredients in the candy dip so I used organic fair trade white chocolate.

Here they are setting up.
I added pink pearl sprinkles from whole foods.

I ended up fitting about 6 pops in this cup so you will need a few jars of rice, but the rice was unharmed and I will probably cook with it after this!

Finished product!

Happy Cakepop Baking and Modifying!

Here's what I'm aspiring to.

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  1. I made some cakepops but I used pudding instead of frosting. They were a little too moist so I might add cookie crumbs next time.