Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kaua'i, Hawai'i Day 3 {Doing Vacation Ourselves}

Day 3 was lovely! We started with a walk to a local restaurant and passed this banana tree:
See the fruit?!
Beermosa?! no, I didn't try one.

Banana Macadamia nut pancakes! 
Eggs Benedict. 
Leaves outside of the restaurant and all over the island.
After breakfast we walked to the beach.  I loved that this beach had grass up until the sand.  So much nicer to relax on grass and walk through the sand to get to the water.
While walking around on the beach we saw that several people were wearing canoeing club tee shirts so as we followed them, we realized that there was a big canoe launch happening in front of us.  Super fun to see what the locals are doing on Saturday mornings!  I could get into this routine for sure!  
Finally we headed back to our hotel, I love these trees!
They're all over and while walking back I realized more flowers were on the ground than on the tree so I picked one up and popped it in my hair. 
I also loved this little pom pom plant! 
Kaua'i is the only island with daily farmer's markets.  The markets are in different towns each day but you can always find fresh food here! 
I bought apple bananas, an avocado and some fruit! 
Aren't they adorable?! 
Then we headed back to the beach. 
roosters and chickens
and cardinals too... 
Husband said they mean good luck.
Back at the hotel, while Cupcake was napping, Hubs enjoyed one of his most toxic habits, cigars.
I stepped out only long enough to take this photo, that smoke makes me sick. 
A little later we headed out on a date while my parent's watched the Cupcake.
This is the only photo of the two of us because after 10 minutes of attempting to take a decent photo we gave up, the problem with being the photographer of the family means that no one else knows how to operate a camera, I'm not joking when I say my mom couldn't even figure out her point and shoot.  Too bad my sister wasn't there.  She, too, knows how to operate a camera.

Anyway. we went to Sushi Katsu for our date night:
We were the only white people in the restaurant, everyone else was Japanese {or Hawaiian} a good sign!
Miso soup. 
Hot udon noodles with imitation crab meat (I didn't each much of this)  
The Combination A platter.
A little overwhelming for me. Thankfully, Husband did most of the eating and we even had some left over for my sister to finish when we got home.  So good, and I was surprised with how good the caviar was.  Those little red pears in the middle and the red "sprinkles" on the upper left rolls, were both fish eggs and actually tasted pretty good.

That was all of day 3 just a few more left to share.  Hope you're enjoying our vacation :)


  1. Aren't bananas scary? I did a study abroad program in Jamaica, and every time I saw a banana tree, it struck me at how phallic it was. Because that's the boy part there.

    Also, what is the scary, hairy fruit?

    1. I LOVE bananas. and it is phallic but that's okay, I think :)

      and I don't know the name of the pink fruit I asked and she told me but I couldn't remember how to say it and now I can't remember it at all, but it's a member of the lychee family. It was sweet like a grape almost.

      I wish I could have tried everything they had, but with only a few days to eat everything I stuck with just a few items.

    2. oh found it!