Monday, September 24, 2012

Sonja's Second Birthday! {Russian Themed}

If you've been following along you've seen all my recent posts on D.I.Y. project for this birthday, and while I can't take credit for EVERYTHING at the party MOST of it was D.I.Y. by myself or someone I know and or love.  So, here's her party in photos!

Starting off with a little D.I.Y. prep. work...
We used a discarded piece of wood to create a photo booth.
I spent well over $200 on organic food for our guests.
I got these adorable cupcake liners from Sur la Table on sale a while back.
Emily had a frosting explosion while making Sonja's Cupcakes.
I outsourced a cake to Treehouse Bakery {a local vegan bakery with the best cakes!}
Husband testing out the photo booth.

The decorations and set up...
left: photo booth, right: Russian banner which says her name in the Russian spelling.

a D.I.Y. coloring book station for the kids, to make their own {it didn't get as much use as I would have like though}
The take home bags had stickers and homemade crayons to go with the coloring books.
The castle we made from old boxes and scrap fabric, covered in unwanted contact paper for the kids to paint.  Supposed to resemble St. Basil's Cathedral.
Dessert Table.
Drinks for the Adults. {it was Russian themed you guys! don't judge}
Homemade Lemonade {left; ginger lemonade, middle; lavender lemonade, right; rosemary lemonade} by my soon to be brother in law; Matt.
Washi Tape Labels!
Paint and Bubbles for the littles! {total cost under $20}
The patio areas.
Homemade Nesting dolls for the kids to take home.
made from scrap fabric and stuffed by yours truly.

The Party...
Moments before guests arrived, snacking with her Aunt Gretchen.
Painting the Castle!
Even the older kids got into it!
The Food...
Homemade Potato Pancakes.
Russian onion salad.
Fried eggplant in a tomato sauce.

The Photo Booth...
Sonja and Grandma.
Stephanie and Tommy.
Aunt Emmy and Tio Rene, and no that's not a birthmark on her shoulder, she told her aunt Emily she wanted a Tattoo for her birthday, so I found her some at the craft store for 50 cents.
Learning how to play guitar.
But, yes, that is green paint in her hair, good thing I bought tempra paint - it washed right out.
Opening her presents.

The Instagram posts from guests...

The After Party...
It took me a few days but I finished that cake!

Oh and incase you wanted links or inspiration for a Russian party of your own here's my Pinterest Board.

And that was her party!  Today is her actual birthday and I still get all sentimental when I think that this time two years ago I was in transition! and pushing! and this year, I'm feeling a new baby kicking.  I can't help but wonder what next year will be like with a new little and a three year old big sister.  I'm very thankful and excited for the future on this second anniversary of my birthing day.


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  1. Amazing! I love the painting castle as a birthday activity and the cake and photo booth are fabulous!

  2. You sure do know how to throw a Russian party! Very talented woman you are! I absolutely LOVE Sonja's one shoulder dress and how you matched it to the tablecloth. Everything looks so yummy!