Wednesday, June 5, 2013

D.I.Y. Ball Jar Labels and Lids! {an eschut wedding tutorial}

My sister in law made ball jar "mugs" for her wedding, for each guest to take home their own.  We drilled a hole into the lid of the wide mouth jars using a drill bit slightly wider than an average straw.   
We drilled all the lids while screwed on to one cup to catch the metal scraps, that way only one jar got contaminated with the metal shavings.

She also liked the look of chalk board labels but decided they were too expensive.  She purchased contact paper, chalk board spray paint and used a stencil to cut out each label by hand AFTER she spray painted the roll and let it dry.  She made about 120 of these and they worked really well.  

I collected all the left over jars from the end of the night and ran them through the dishwasher 
1. because I was too lazy to wash them all by hand.
2. I wanted to test them to see if the white pencil we used to write our names would wash off 
& 3. I wanted to test to see if the labels would stay on.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the labels and white pencil both stayed on!  I wouldn't suggest washing them like that every time, but it was nice to know I could if I had a bunch to was after a party or something.  I kept a dozen for future parties {to add to my current stash of 24} and we have another dozen we're going to sell on her post-wedding etsy page.


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